1.academic [?k??dem?k] a./n.学术的,教学的

Most are known only to academics and other specialists.它们大部分只被专家和学者们所熟知

2. academy [??k?d?m?]n.专科学院,(美)私立学校

She is a graduate of the Air Force Academy and a Rhodes scholar.


3. ability [??b?l?t?] n.能力;才能

As to ability, I am not your match. 讲能力,我不如你。

4. absence [??bs?ns]n.不在,缺席

The team was crippled by his absence. 他的缺席使这支球队的实力削弱。

5. accent[??ks?nt] n.口音,音调

He has a strong American accent. 他有很重的美国口音。

6. access [??kses] n./v.通道,入径,存取(计算机文件)

You have have access to them via your public library. 而你可以通过公共图书馆来使用他们。

7. accident [??ks?d?nt] n.事故,意外的事

She described the accident very carefully. 她非常仔细地描述了事故。

8. accommodation [?k?m??de??(?)n]n.住宿,膳宿

Have you found accommodation? 找到住处没有?

9. account [??ka?nt] n.账目;描述

How do I account for it? 我怎么向他解释?

10. accountant [??ka?nt(?)nt] n.会计,会计师

Sit down with your accountant . 和您的会计师坐下来

11. accuracy [??kj?r?s?] n.准确,精确

Convinced of the accuracy of the data, they stuck to their opinion. 由于深信数据准确无误, 他们坚持自己的意见

12. aim [e?m]n.目的;目标v.计划,打算;瞄准;针对

Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. 我们的计划失败是因为没有目标。

13. achievement [??t?i?vm?nt] n.成就,成绩,功绩

This achievement is surely unprecedented. 这成就确实是空前的

14. acquaintance [??kwe?nt?ns] n.熟人,(与某人)认识

One of the escaped, Luo Guangbing, was an acquaintance of my parents.


15. acquisition [?kw??z??(?)n] n.获得,得到

What’s the cost of customer acquisition? 获得一个客户的成本有多大?

16. acre [?e?k?(r)] n.英亩

What would you pay for legal title to an acre of the moon?


17. act [?kt] n.法令,条例v.(戏)表演,扮演(角色),演出(戏);行动,做事

They reprised the elaborate dance music in the last act.


18. action [??k?(?)n] n.行动

Say it with action. 让行动来说话吧。

19. activity [?k?t?v?t?] n.活动

Everybody likes to join in this activity. 每个人都愿意参加这一活动。

20. actor [??kt?(r)]n.男演员

Which actor do you like best? 你最喜欢哪个男演员。

21. actress [??ktr?s] n.女演员

What about the actress? 那女演员怎么样?

22. AD n.公元

The study of fangzhong shu flourished during the Han and Tang dynasties, from 206 bc to AD618.


23. ad[?d](缩)=advertisement n.广告

So, search is only one part of the ad market. 所以说搜索只是广告市场的一部分。

24. adaptation [?d?p?te??(?)n] n.适应,改编本

These findings also challenge the idea that religion is an adaptation.


25. addition [??d??(?)n] n.增加;(算数用语)加

Such an addition would certainly be of the highest priority. 这样的添加当然可以拥有最高的优先级。

26. address [??dres] n.地址

He wrote down my address, so that he might remember it. 他写下了我的地址,以便能够记住它。

27. adjustment [??d??stm?nt] n.调整,适应

If you both feel good, you need no adjustment. 如果你们都感觉好,你们就不再需要调节了

28. administration [?dm?n??stre??(?)n] n.管理,行政部门

The teachers are responsible to the school administration.


29. admission [?d?m??(?)n] n.准入,接纳

The lawyer shafted the prisoner into an admission of guilt.


30. adolescence[?d??’lesns] n.青春,青春期

No one wants to go through adolescence again. 没人想再一次经历青春期。

31. adolescent [?d??les?nt]n.青少年

As far as I can tell he’s a normal human adolescent. 就我来看,他只是个普通的人类少年。

32. adult[??d?lt] n.成年人

But as an adult, I understand his heart was in the right place most of the time.


33. advantage [?d?vɑ?nt?d?] n.优点;好处

The Chinese team enjoyed the height advantage. 中国队占有身高优势。

34. adventure [?d?vent??(r)]n.冒险;奇遇

Life should be an adventure. 生活应该是一场冒险。

35. advertisement[?d?v??t?sm?nt]n.广告

We know that the best advertisement for America is America. 我们知道, 美国的最佳广告即是美国自己

36. advice[?d?va?s] n.忠告,劝告,建议

I can do without your advice, if you don’t mind. 要是你不介意,我用不着你的劝告

37. aeroplane [`er?,ple?n] n.(英)飞机

The next morning they took an aeroplane to Sydney. 第二天早晨他们乘飞机来到悉尼

38. affair [??fe?(r)] n.事,事情

But that was not the end of the affair. 但是这并非是这个事情的终结。

39. affection [??fek?(?)n] n.喜爱,钟爱

She is craving for love and affection. 她是在渴望得到爱和感情。

40. Africa [??fr?k?]*n.非洲

The practice still prevails in some parts of Africa. 这种做法在非洲某些地区仍然很盛行。

41. afternoon [ɑ?ft??nu?n] n.下午,午后

He dozed away the afternoon. 他打了一下午的瞌睡。

42. age [e?d?]n.年龄;时代

The professor theorized about the age of the earth. 教授从理论上推测了地球的年龄。

43. agency [?e?d??ns?] n.代理机构

He got the job through an employment agency. 他通过一个职业代理处得到这份工作。

44. agenda [??d?end?] n.(会议)议程表,议事日程

There are four items on the agenda of the meeting. 会议有四项议程议程。

45. agent[?e?d??nt]n.代理人,经济人

The agent was in the employ of a foreign country. 这个特工人员是外国雇佣的。

46 aggression [??ɡre?(?)n] n.侵略

We will smash any aggression. 我们将粉碎任何侵略。

47. agreement [??ɡri?m?nt] n.同意,一致;协定,协议

He nodded in agreement with me. 他点头表示同意我的意见

48. agriculture [??ɡr?k?lt??(r)] n.农业,农学

The development of the food industry depends on that of agriculture.


49. aid [e?d] n.援助;救护;辅助器具

We will aid their struggle against violent repression.


50. AIDS[e?dz]n.艾滋病

AIDS and cancer are maladies that afflict humanity.





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