1…English is used as a working language,for example,between bosses and secretaries,and between doctors and patients,although there are other languages for everydayuse.英语被用作工作语言,例如,在老板和秘书之间,在医生和病人之间,尽管日常使用其他语言。(1)be used as…被作为…使用(2)a working language工作语言(3)for example 比如可以作为独立语插入句中,前后有逗号隔开,可以位于句首/句中/句尾。There are many kinds of animals,for example,tigers are one of them.(4)between 在…两者之间强调,常用betwen…and…(5)although 尽管..,引导让步状语从句,不能与but连用(6)other 名词复数(7)everyday 日常生活,形容词;every day 每天

2…because when they grow up,it will be quite possible for them to meet people from other countries.因为他们长大后,很可能会遇到来自其他国家的人。(1)grow up 成长;成长(2)It's 形容词 (for sb.)to do sth.做某事对某人来说是正确的…It's interesting for children to read great books.

3.They will need a common language to communicate with each other.他们将需要一种通用语言来相互交流。communicate with each other 相互交流/沟通

4.English is now used by nearly a quarter of the world's population,and anywhere you go in the world…无论你去哪里,英语现在都被近四分之一的世界人口使用。…(1)be used by…被…使用(2)nearly几乎是一样的,说明事情“想做却没做”“很有可能发生但还没有发生”,可修饰名词、动词、形容词、副词等。也可以用在像all/every这样的词前。也可以用在像all/every这样的词前。The old man is nearly 80 years old./Nearly every student likes playing tennis.(3)a quarter 四分之一。分子是基数词,分母是序数词,分子大于1,分母变复数。three thirds 五分之三;a half 二分之一;three quarters 四分之三;two thirds 三分之二(4)anywhere 这句话相当于wherever,连词。You can go anywhere you want.

5.The reason why English is spoken everywhere is that in the nineteenth century,English became the language of world trade.说英语的原因是英语在19世纪已经成为世界贸易语言。(1)The reason why…is that…的原因是…The reason why he was late for school yesterday was that he got up late.(2)in the nineteenth century 在19世纪(3)the language of world trade 世界贸易语言

6.And in the twentieth century,the US spread English to the world through newspaper,television and films.在20世纪,美国通过报纸、电视和电影向世界传播英语。(1)in the twentieth century 在20世纪(2)spread(spread,spread)传播没有被动语态(3)through 通过;通过;通过,介词。The teacher is watching the students through the window now.

7.Will the importance of English last?The teacher is watching the students through the window now.

7.Will the importance of English last?英语的重要性会持续下去吗?(1)importance 重要性,名词;important 形容词很重要。(2)last 持续,动词。The rain lasted for two days.

8.As China continues to grow,many people think that Chinese will become as common as English by the middle of the twenty-first century.随着中国的不断发展,许多人认为到21世纪中叶,汉语将变得和英语一样普遍。(1)as 当…时候/随着…强调伴随动作As the teacher was checking him, his pain got worse. (2)continue to do sth. 继续做某事(说明做完一件事继续做另一件事)We have finished our homework。Let's continue to swim.(3)by the middle of…到…中叶

9.More and more school in Europe are teaching Chinese as a foreign languages,together with some European languages.在教一些欧洲语言的同时,越来越多的欧洲学校也教汉语外语。(1)more and more 越来越多的…,比较级and比较级表示越来越多…more and more beautiful,越来越漂亮;bigger and bigger (2)越来越大(2)teach 教,动词。teach sb.to do sth.教某人做某事;teach sb. sth.=teach sth.to sb. 教某人某事He taught us Chinese last year.=He taught Chinese to us last year.(3)together with与…一起;一起,一起,一起,一起,当连接两个人作为主语时,谓语动词取决于前面的人 The girl collects coins,together with stamps./ She together with I takes part in school activities every day.

10…at least for the next twenty or thirty years…至少在接下来的二三十年里。(1)at least 至少(2)the next…=the following…在接下来的…

11.The answer is everyone who speaks it—the British,the Indians and the Chinese all help make it a rich language.答案是,每个说英语的人——英国人、印度人和中国人,他们都帮助英语成为一种丰富的语言。(1)help sb.do/to do sth.=help sb. With sth. 帮助某人做某事(2)make 使,动词。make sb./sth. 形容词/名词/名词do sth. 让某人/某物…We can make our country rich and strong.

12.Even though we speak different types of English,we are all part of an international club.即使我们说不同类型的英语,我们也是国际俱乐部的一部分。(1)even though=even if 即使,引导让步状语从句(2)different types of=different kinds of…不同类型的…


1.Ned needs to make an effort to improve his handwriting.内德需要努力提高他的写作水平。make an effort to do sth. 努力做某事

2.Toby seems not to be as interested in schoolwork as he is in sport.托比似乎对学习不像体育那么感兴趣。(1)seem 看起来系动词,后面加入形容词/动词不定式/句子 He seems happy today.=He seems to be happy today.=It seems that he is happy today.(2)be intereted in=show/take/have interest in…对…感兴趣(3)as…as..,像…同样,同级比较句型,否定形式是not as/so…as..,像…不一样。在两个as之间加入形容词/副词原级,用形容词或副词取决于第一个as之前是系动词还是实义动词。This book is as interesting as that one./ Tony doesn't run so fast as Daming.

3…do not speak English as either their first or second language. …不要把英语作为他们的第一或第二语言。either…or…或者…或者..;要么…要么..,主要用于表示两者之一,连接两个并列单词或短语。either…or…或者…或者..;要么…要么..,主要用于表示两者之一,连接两个并列单词或短语。She either sings or dances if she has time every day.谓语动词就近原则是将两个人连接起来作为主语。Either she or I like playing football very much.

4.However, hundreds of millions of people use it, and hundreds of millions are learning it.(1)however 但是后面要有逗号隔开(2)hundreds of millions of 数亿的

5.French was once a language known by all well-educated people, and was more popular than English.法语曾经是所有受过良好教育的人们所熟知的语言,而且比英语更流行。(1)well-educated 受过良好教育的;有教养的,形容词。(2)popular,流行的,形容词。more popular 比较级;be popular with…受……欢迎

6.It may be that, one day,instead of English, another language will be used across the world.可能有一天,另外一门语言会取代英语在世界各地使用。(1)instead of代替……;而不是……,短语介词,后面接名词/代词/动名词 He went to the park instead of going to the library.(2)another又一个;再一个,不定代词,后面加名词单数。Would you like another bread?(3)across the world=around the world=all over the world 世界各地

7….in the hope that a world language would ease human communication…….希望一门世界语言能够使人类容易交流。(1)in the hope that+句子,表示怀着……的希望;希望能……He called me in the hope that I could go to the library with him.(2)ease使……容易;缓和;减轻,动词。The medicine may ease his pain.

8.His language is based on Latin…他的语言基于拉丁语. …..be based on…根据……;以……为基准The story is based on real life.

9….it is unlikely to become a world language…….它不太可能成为一门世界语言。unlikely 未必的;不太可能的,形容词。It's unlikely to do sth./It's unlikely that+句子 It's unlikely to win the match.


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